Marienville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

Marienville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

The Marienville Volunteer Fire Company was first organized in 1892 at the home of Mr. Dan Moriarty who resided on Chestnut Street. The company began as a small group of men with a pump and wagon and a lot of buckets. When a fire would occur the firemen would form a line to the nearest well or spring and fill the buckets and pass the to the fire.

After the fire of 1902 which destroyed a large section of Marienville, the company reorganized. They worked to raise money to buy more and better equipment. They were a well organized company and even had uniforms.

The first firehouse was in an old livery stable on North Forest Street. The building was destroyed by fire. When the first firetruck was purchased it was kept for a time at Songer’s Blacksmith shop, which was located on Chestnut Street. In the early 1920’s a block building was built on North Forest Street. This building is still in use today. One side was used to house the fire company and the other side was used for a community building.

Many square dances, minstrels, plays, basketball games, and concerts were held here. The profits were used to finance the fire company. The company at this time had two Ford trucks. Each truck had four chemical tanks which would hold 35-40 gallons of water. A bell was used to call the firemen to an emergency. It was located near the firehouse in the center of town and the first firemen to reach it would sound the alarm.

As the fire company grew, the building became too small and later was sold and a new firehall was built across the street. This building was larger and would house three fire trucks. As the company continued to grow, two more bays were added. In the early 1960’s the firemen began bingo games. The crowds became so large that it was necessary to build a large room on the back. This room is also used for meetings.

The fire company took over the ambulance service from Nate McDonald around this time. Soon the Ambulance and the Fire Company incorporated, but each were considered separate organizations as far as funds are concerned.

These volunteers are ready to help in any emergency. many nights are spent searching for lost hunters. Today there are approximately 40 active members with the company. They have three firetrucks that will carry approximately 3500 gallons of water, and a four wheel drive emergency unit.

Here are the members now

Name Position
Randall Parrett President
Brent Carbaugh Vice Pres
Brian Popoleo Treasurer
Cody Lewis Secretary
Austin Smith Trustee
Andy Smith Trustee
Giancarlo Mendola Trustee
Kevin Carter Chaplain
Name Rank
Randall Parrett Chief
Austin Smith 1st Assistant
Greg Geyer 2nd Assistant
Brian Popoleo Captian
TBA 1st Lieutenant
TBA 2nd Lieutenant
Darrell Harp Fire Police Captian
Kevin Carter Safety / Training Officer
Name Position
Rick Hall Firefighter
Ron Slater Firefighter
Brent Carbaugh Firefighter
Cody Lewis Firefighter
Bill Lamoreaux Firefighter
Andy Smith Firefighter
Rick Hall Jr Firefighter
Tim Holman Sr Firefighter
Lisa Lamoreaxu Firefighter
Daniel Parrett Firefighter
Bill Clow Firefighter
Anthony Smith Firefighter
Iean Critchlow Firefighter
Mike Gilara Firefighter
Rick Harp Firefighter
Dean Spence Firefighter
Donald Meloney Firefighter
New Member Firefighter
Name Rank
Ryan Parrett Junior Firefighter
New Junior Junior Firefighter